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Suvi Näätänen is a legal powerhouse

Suvi holds Master’s degrees in Political Science and Law. Two Master’s degrees are of significant benefit in legal profession, especially in terms of analyzing the subject matter, logical argumentation and reasoning. It is an advantage to have a broader understanding of the activities of society and the way in which businesses operate.

Suvi is a member of Heikkilä & Co Ltd’s housing and real estate team. She knows that buying a home involves strong emotions and great expectations. Often it also means investing most of one’s personal assets in one single purchase. When it turns out that the property does not meet the expectations or is downright uninhabitable, the disappointment is immense.Typically, Suvi’s work consists of contract and litigation issues related to housing and real estate transactions. Practicality and versatility make housing law particularly interesting for her. In customer encounters, it is important to identify the relevant issues and give practical information. Customer confidence is earned by doing the job well and thoroughly. Due to her calm nature, Suvi can handle all kinds of situations. As a lawyer she knows the importance of good negotiation and interpersonal skills. Situations may get tricky, but it is important to keep in mind that the disagreement lies between the issues, not people.

Previously, Suvi has worked for Wärtsilä Corporation. Since Wärtsilä’s time, she has strong expertise in employee’s international mobility and personal taxation. The companies are operating increasingly internationally and posting of workers is getting more common. International mobility requires taking new risks and obligations into account. At Heikkilä & Co Suvi also works on corporate client assignments as well as bankruptcy and corporate restructuring procedures.

To balance the demands of work, Suvi likes to exercise. She will be frequently found in the gym or jogging. In the winter she likes to ski.