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Finnish and English

I have graduated from the Faculty of Law of the University of Turku. After my graduation I have completed a bar examination (The Finnish Bar Association) and I am also a public purchase witness/official notary public by the National Land Survey (Maanmittauslaitos).

After my graduation I have worked with corporate clients (including for example litigation, bankruptcy and corporate reorganization matters) and private clients (including for example in real estate disputes, tenancy and / or eviction matters and family and inheritance matters).

As a lawyer I try to be approachable and humane, but still I handle the clients case very resolutely. I think it is really important that my client has a good feeling about what I do. There must be mutual trust so the clients matter can be dealt with the best possible way to the end. I think also the customer service must be excellent. It is great if a customer feels like he or she could return to me again.

To balance the work and family life I enjoy jogging in nature while listening to audiobooks or calming down on my yoga mat. However the best way to break out of daily routine is to pack your backpack and head to nature.