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Company reorganisations

Heikkilä & Co Attorneys has extensive experience in providing assistance in company reorganisations and acquisitions. Our portfolio includes end-to-end solutions for projects, from planning to implementation. Our seasoned experts are well versed in tax, contract, competition, company and labour law. What’s more, our extensive partner network also provides top-notch services for financial planning, accounting, and auditing.

When you want the job done right, get in touch with our experts. They’ll tailor a suitable solution to your needs.

Foundation of companies

When you’re establishing a new company, turn to us for legal and tax advice. We’ll help you to arrange financing and draw up the necessary documents and announcements for the Trade Register.

Before you commit yourself, we recommend that you go through your reasons for starting the business. You should review the practical questions and tax impacts related to the choice of company form. This will help you decide whether to establish a one-man business, partnership company, limited partnership company or limited liability company. You should also give thought to how to arrange the mutual relations between the owners – shareholder agreements are one option.

Change of generation

A successful change of generation requires careful planning. You should never leave it to the last minute – start the process well in advance. First, you must identify the requirements and interests of the parties involved. Key issues include the value appraisal of the company, planning the financing, tax questions, getting the company into shape for the handover, showing the ropes to the successor, and drafting the necessary agreements.

Structural arrangements are often necessary. For example, you can use demergers and share buybacks to ensure that the party giving up the company gets fair compensation for their life’s work without the purchase price becoming too high for their successor.

Our experts are highly skilled at identifying and dovetailing the interests and resources of the parties and the applicable law.

Company acquisitions

Company acquisitions and reorganisations typically call for knowledge of both the business world and law. It’s very important to have knowledgeable and experienced experts on board to ensure successful results.

Heikkilä & Co Attorneys is a reliable adviser in divestments and acquisitions, including management acquisitions (MBO/MBI). The strengths of our company acquisition specialists include hands-on business experience, negotiation skills, and a genuine interest in the success of our clients. We have a passion for coming up with solutions that help you achieve your goals.

We assist in planning the arrangement, the risk mapping of the acquiree, negotiations between the parties, and financial arrangements. We also draw up all the necessary documents. Furthermore, we keep tabs on the M&A market, looking for suitable acquirees for our clients and possible buyers for companies that are up for sale.

Over the years, we’ve set up a network of private equity investors. Thanks to this network, we can efficiently build a financing package to suit your needs. We also help with drawing up financial subsidy applications.


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