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Heikkilä & Co Attorneys Ltd is a law firm specialising in business law. We offer confidential expert services for domestic and foreign companies. We provide companies and entrepreneurs with all the legal services they need over the entire lifecycle of their business.

In civil cases, we’re also happy to serve private individuals in matters such as taxation, family and inheritance law, contractual matters, labour law as well as housing and real estate law. In housing and real estate matters we are specialising in mold and microbe damage issues.

Apartment and real estate transactions

Heikkilä & Co Attorneys assist clients in disputes arising from apartment and real estate transactions, e.g., claims concerning moisture or mould damage.

Contractual matters

Companies need to prepare agreements and tackle legal questions at every stage of their business. Agreements are part and parcel of a company’s risk management process and a key factor behind success. Carefully written agreements save time, money and business relationships.

Settlement of disputes

Commercial and personal disputes are usually solved by negotiation – which is the best way to go about it. If unanimity cannot be reached, the dispute must be submitted to a general court, court of arbitration, voluntary settlement proceedings or insolvency proceedings. Our experts can advise you which of the options is best. They can solve even the toughest problems.

Company reorganisations

Heikkilä & Co Attorneys has extensive experience in providing assistance in company reorganisations and acquisitions. Our portfolio includes end-to-end solutions for projects, from planning to implementation. Our seasoned experts are well versed in tax, contract, competition, company and labour law.

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Heikkilä & Co Attorneys Ltd was founded at 1993. We have a large clientele. Over the years, we’ve tackled very tough cases for them and earned their trust. We believe that customer satisfaction is the best indicator of a job well done.